Our New Product is Launching Soon!

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Well, looks like our product guy messed up!

Zaheer Punjani
Product Management

And he's totally fine with taking the blame by leaving his image here.
So now you get to decide his fate. Choose wisely.

How Gradopedia Works

We're helping Aspirants Explore Career Profiles, Give Asssessments and Engage with the Right Jobs.
They also get a developmental plan on the next steps they can take to become more employable.

If you're an Aspirant
You get to learn more about careers before applying
We help you get better in your assessment, and improve your chances of getting hired
If you're an Employer
You reduce Interview Time & Effort by 90%
You attract talent that is pre-evaluated for your specific profile

We have a private Beta floating around.
If you'd like to be one of our early adopters, sign up below:

For Business Enquires & Recruitment Pilots

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