Schlumberger Technology Internships for International Students

Are you ready to transform your academic knowledge into real-world skills? Schlumberger technology internships provide a golden opportunity for international students to gain hands-on experience and mentorship in an advanced industry.

In a technology internship, you’ll get a close look at the latest innovations and learn how things really work in tech Industry. Whether your interest lies in science, data, engineering, or anything tech-related, you’ll be tackling real problems with the help of experienced professionals.

This is your chance to step into the shoes of industry experts and see what it takes to push the boundaries of technology.

Benefits of an Internship:

    • Get Paid While You Learn: You’ll earn a salary while gaining invaluable experience.
    • Flexible Duration: Choose an internship that matches your availability, whether it’s a few months or a full year.
    • Hands-On Experience: Apply the concepts you’ve learned in school to meaningful projects in a professional setting.

Who Can Apply

If you’ve completed three years of your undergraduate degree or are pursuing a Master’s or PhD in engineering, applied science, manufacturing, or supply chain, you’re eligible.

How to Apply

Apply here ( to begin your application. It’s a simple process that you can start today!

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