CICOPS Scholarships 2025 at University of Pavia and EDiSU

The CICOPS (Committee for International Cooperation and Development) Scholarships 2025 are now open for applications! This prestigious program, a collaboration between the University of Pavia and EDiSU (Institute of the Right to University Studies), is dedicated to fostering international cooperation, particularly with developing countries. Six scholarships are available for visiting scholars to spend 4 to 12 weeks at the University of Pavia, providing an excellent opportunity for research and collaboration.

Benefits of the CICOPS Scholarship

Selected scholars will receive:

  • Travel expenses: Economy class return flight tickets will be booked for the scholars.
  • Accommodation: A single room at a university residence in Pavia will be provided.
  • Meals: A card for meals at university canteens will be given.
  • Health Insurance: Comprehensive health insurance and personal accident insurance policies will be covered.
  • Financial Contribution: A contribution of 150.00 Euro (gross) per week.
  • Access to Facilities: Full access to necessary study and research facilities at the University of Pavia.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the CICOPS Scholarships, applicants must:

  • Have at least two years of teaching experience or activity within international organizations and institutions.
  • Be junior or senior members of universities in developing countries, or members of major research centers and international organizations with a specific interest in development studies.
  • Not be enrolled in a Doctoral or Postgraduate Course at an Italian university.

Application Process

Applicants must fill out the online application form available on the CICOPS website ( The following documents must be uploaded:

  1. Curriculum Vitae: Ideally in European format, including a list of publications (file named: Surname_Name_CV).
  2. Invitation Letter: From the professor or researcher with whom you intend to collaborate at the University of Pavia (file named: Surname_Name_Letter).

Ensure that all documents are correctly named as specified. Incomplete applications or those with incorrectly named documents will not be considered.

Application Deadline

The application deadline is May 31st, 2024. All applications must be submitted online by this date. The period of stay for the scholarship should be within the following dates:

  • January 13th – July 20th, 2025
  • September 8th – December 21st, 2025

Preference will be given to applicants from lower income economies, those employed by universities/institutions linked to the University of Pavia, and those formally introduced to the Selection Committee by an Honorary Consul or member of the UCOI and UCOIM associations.

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