The Frankfurt School Scholarship Programme 2024

Dreaming of studying at one of Germany’s top institutions but concerned about the cost? The Frankfurt School Scholarship Programme is here to help. Whether you’re eyeing a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or MBA, there’s a scholarship option to lighten the financial load and let you focus on your studies.

Types of BSc Scholarships

  • General FS Scholarship: Available to all students who excel academically and impress during the admissions process. Awards range from a 25% to a 75% tuition reduction.
  • Diversity Scholarship Programme: Launched in 2020 to support students from diverse backgrounds. Depending on your eligibility, you could receive a tuition reduction of 25% or 50%.
  • The President’s Scholarship: This prestigious scholarship covers 100% of tuition fees for the most outstanding applicants.
  • Premium Scholarship: Targets students nominated by their schools for the German Merit Foundation, offering accelerated admission and initial scholarships of 50%, potentially increasing to 75%.

How to Apply for BSc

Applying for a scholarship is part of the BSc programme application at Frankfurt School. The BSc Admissions and Scholarship Committee reviews applications regularly, so make sure to apply by the deadlines provided (

Scholarship Conditions

Maintaining your scholarship requires good academic standing and active participation in community and school activities. Scholarships can be adjusted or withdrawn if these conditions aren’t met.

Master’s and MBA Scholarships

Frankfurt School also offers scholarships for Master’s and MBA programmes, catering to top candidates with outstanding academic records, professional achievements, and unique personal qualities. These scholarships are awarded based on a combination of academic results, admission test scores, and personal achievements.

How to Apply for Master’s and MBA Scholarships

Applications for scholarships should be made concurrently with your program application. Frankfurt School operates a rolling admissions process, so early applications are encour

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