ISPF International Collaboration Awards 2024

Are you a visionary research leader in the UK looking to make a global impact with your work? The International Science Partnerships Fund (ISPF) is excited to present the International Collaboration Awards, a unique opportunity designed to help emerging talents like you forge sustainable international research partnerships. If you’re at the early stage of building your own research group and ready to elevate your research on an international scale, this opportunity is tailor-made for you!

Scholarship Benefits

The scheme generously offers up to £225,000 over three years to cover various needs like research expenses, travel, and even research assistance. This initiative aims to enhance collaborations with international partners from Japan, South Korea, Brazil, and South Africa, with additional specific funding available to make these collaborations even more robust.

Who’s Eligible?

This opportunity is ideal if:

  • You’re a newly independent researcher based in the UK.
  • You are leading or establishing your own research group.
  • You aim to collaborate with an international peer who is also newly independent and based in one of the participating countries.

Application Deadline

  • For Brazil and South Africa (ODA): Closing Date: 25 June 2024
  • For Japan: Closing Date: 24 July 2024

All applications must be submitted through the Royal Society’s Flexi-Grant® system, and you can find detailed guidance on the application and assessment process to support you every step of the way.

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